Glyaxia Outlanders

salepics-may-glyaxia-revsoldier salepics-may-glyaxia-stansoldier


The Outland based Glyaxia units have set up homebases along the edge of space. They are keeping watch at the T’churian Rift, one of the few known rifts in the 481universe leading to the multitude of different dimensions. The Outlanders have proven to be a loyal bunch of units for Glyaxia, they’re not entirely joining by free will however. These pseudo Organic Outlanders have been rapid-grown in the belly of Glyaxia labs, fitted with full on Glyaxia directives and protocol then sent on their way to defend these multi dimensional entry points.

There will be two different Glyaxia Outlanders aswell as one blue accessory pack and one yellow accessory pack. Since these Glyaxia Outlander figures will come with the new angled hips, the accessory packs will come packaged with the straight hips. The Glyaxia colored Outlanders and their accessories will be available this Friday the 23rd at 9pm EST in the store page.

Check back often for more sneak peeks.


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