Painted Test Shot Preview 1



The painted test shots have arrived from the factory. Despite a few minor tweaks this is the paint pattern that you can expect for the first wave of figures. Some of the tweaks you can expect are cleaner painted areas in general. These were the first go with a paint mask and as expected things were a tiny bit off. However, more things were right than I expected for a first go. This figure has had a surprisingly smooth creation in general, the communication between the factory and myself (established by Matt) really gets things done in a super fast and efficient way. If there are any questions on either my end or the factory’s end the issue is brought up and it’s dealt with immediately. Pictures are exchanged, corrections are made and production continues. It’s actually a really refreshing thing to see and be a part of.

The main area of contention with me on these painted test shots would have to be the painted eyes on the helmet, they’ve since been pushed to cover more of the sculpted area rather than what you see in these photos. Other than that I’m super excited about this first wave of figures. The Release of these figures is just around the corner, I’m just as excited as you all are! Check back often for more news later this week!


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