Outlander Fun

Here’s some builds, poses and configurations of the basic Outlander that you can create with the use of only one Outlander figure. Contained builds I guess you could call them (even though all the parts aren’t used in some cases) Each figure pictured only requires the parts from one single outlander, just to be clear. Lets take a look:


^ You gotta love a good communications pose. This is how the Outlander would communicate with fellow wrist com-link users. There is a secondary receiver com-link based in the neck region of the chest piece, just in case arms are pre-occupied. Always good to have a back up.


^ These two are the standard trooper chest configuration. The shoulders line up with the chest lines on either side of the neck to create a uniform ribbed mantle.

^ Mini Outlander, for the kids.

^ Sitting is something the Outlander can also approximate.

These next three pics are the odd balls of this bunch of photos.
-Each of these builds only utilize one figure’s parts-


^ These little guys are imaginably named hoppers for the time being. They’re adorable speedy little bipedal buggers that mean business.

^ And here’s a strange one that still only requires one figures parts. No, he doesn’t have arms but it’s still a pretty cool thing to be able to build with the use of only one Outlander. I imagine these guys to lumber through rocky other worldly caverns ready to kick anyone that unluckily stumbles upon them.

Expect a lot more sneak peeks of the Outlander very soon!

Note: These colors aren’t final or what you should expect. Test shots are run in a lower quality PVC that’s left over at the factory. These are just made so we can see if everything lines up right, fits together and can be pulled from the mold correctly.


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