The Outlander

I’ve been working on a fully articulated Glyos compatible figure for quite a while, I call him “The Outlander”. It’s been evolving here and there. Alternate heads, arms, legs, but eventually I’ve settled on the image you find above.

The figure is currently in china at the Glyos factory and being reviewed as I type this. So in the mean time I figured I’d let you guys get a gander at whats on the slate. I also wanted some feed back before we set anything in stone.

The figure currently has 18 pieces, two potential heads, two chest configurations, reversible crotch and a gimmick that will remain a secret for the time being.

The color schematic above are only temporary place holder colors. These are however how colors will be laid out on the figure. The greys on blue parts are paint apps where as everything else is a straight up color swap just as Onell does it.


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