Alien Corp 2.0

The Alien Corp was a series of figures I created for my first showing at NYCC in 2010. They all had hand-cast resin heads and hand painted / dyed bodies. These were some of the figures that were on the 2010 Alien Corp Roster:
It’s fun to see how things have changed since then, good ol’ trips down memory lane!

At the top of this post is the new and improved Alien Corp logo, created by Cpresti in beautiful pixely form. The Alien Corp 2.0 figures for this years NYCC will have multiple hand-cast resin bits, everything from heads, hands, legs, arms even entire torsos. I’ll be posting sneak peeks over the next few days, but here’s one to hold you over until then!

I’m busting my butt to get a sale before comicon but it’s going to be tight. Worse comes to worse I’ll be at Booth #3321 in The Block, come on by and check out some stuff!


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